How Chaturbate Placement Works?

Some cam sites have simple placement: the more money you make, the closer you are to the top row on the front page. Other sites have a complex algorithm using time online, broadcast quality, member ratings, earnings, and a pinch of fairy dust that decides who is on the front page. Chaturbate, however, does neither. Perhaps it’s a holdover from Chaturbate’s origins as a site for exhibitionists showing off for free, but models on Chaturbate are placed based on the number of members with tokens in their cam room. The token balance total doesn’t matter–a member with 10 tokens is counted the same as a member with 100 tokens.

So, if you want to raise your Chaturbate placement, all you need to do is get more viewers in your room, right? Easier said than done! Chaturbate offers several features to help attract more members to your room, so make use of them when you are trying to build up your viewer count.

  • Social Media: Chaturbate allows you to promote your social media, so encourage viewers to follow you on Twitter, and make sure you tweet out a link to your cam room every time you log on.
  • Follow: Remind viewers to click the “follow” button on your Chaturbate profile. Followers will get notifications when you are online, and will be able to find your cam room easily on their list of followed models. Members who get notified that you are online are likely to stop by your cam room to say hi, boosting your viewer count!
  • Tags: Chaturbate uses hashtags to help members find models that suit their interests. To find out which tags are the most popular at any given time, go to the Chaturbate home page and click “more tags” on the right-hand side above the top row of models. You can see how many viewers are in rooms with particular tags at the current moment. Use popular tags that apply to you (i.e. if you’re 30, use #milf but not #18) to help members find your cam room.
  • Headline: Got something interesting going on in your room? Running a countdown? Using an interactive toy? Put it in your room topic headline! An attention-grabbing headline that suggests you’re close to making a goal for a sexy show will get members clicking into your room to see what is going on.

Of course, you are not limited to just Chaturbate’s features when it comes to increasing your cam room member count! 


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