News of the week! Cardi Bot On CamSoda: First Webcam Model Robot

First Robot Camgirl: Cardi Bot On CamSoda

Whether this is legit or a PR stunt, it certainty is unprecedented. CamSoda has announced the addition of a camming robot to their site. Cadi Bot, the world’s first camming model robot is set to perform weekly shows on CamSoda. In addition to the public shows the robot will be performing, it’s also possible to take Cardi Bot to private. Here’s the details.


Cardi Bot Will Host A Public Show Once A Week

Cardi-Bot will be available once a week for free public shows. Users will enter into a public chat room as they would with any other model. There, they will be prompted by tip menus and “Spin the Wheel,” which will allow users to request conversation or specific movements. Alternatively, users can take Cardi-Bot into a private cam session, during which they will be able to interact with her more intimately, where she will perform tasks that are activated by tips.


Cardi Bot Will Learn Via AI / Sync With Telidildonics In Future

In the coming months, utilizing machine learning, Cardi-Bot will be able to react to more detailed instructions and converse with users more intelligently. Additionally, Cardi-Bot will be compatible for teledildonics, providing users with an unprecedented experience that mimics real-time sex.


Statement From CamSoda Vice President:

“With popularity of Westworld, the HBO hit series about a fantasy world inhabited by robots, and advancements in robotics and AI that have garnered international headlines for the likes of RealBot and Sophia the Robot, robots over the past year have become all the rage. As they continue to gain in popularity and become imbedded in our culture, we wanted to offer people a free chance to interact with robots, which are cost prohibitive for most,” said Daryn Parker, VP, CamSoda.

“Being in the adult entertainment industry and at the forefront of sex tech innovation, we wanted to put our XXX spin on robotics, which is why Cardi-Bot can not only mimic human-like behavior, but also get down and dirty, all with the quick click of a button. We’re very excited to make Cardi-Bot, the world first sex robot people can interact with, available to the world and let people live out their wildest fantasies.”


Creator Giles Walker Also Created Stripper Robots

Cardibot was designed in collaboration with world reknowned kinetic sculptor Giles Walker. This isn’t Giles Walker’s first rodeo when it comes to designing sex worker robots. Earlier this year, he shocked the participants of CES 2018 with robots stripping at Sapphire Club in Las Vegas. Looking at the design of Cardi Bot, it seems to be one of the same models, just transitioning from stripping to camming.


See Also: Sex Robot Stars In First Mainstream Porn

Cardi Bot isn’t the only sex robot to make a porn debut. Porn company Private has teamed up with Lumidolls, Barcelona’s first ever sex doll brothel to produce the first ever porn featuring a sex doll. The sex doll starred beside human pornstars Sofia Curly and Dorian Del Isla. Although this is the first time a mainstream porn production has featured a sex doll, the indie scene has had doll content for quite a while now.

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